What is a Terma?

A Terma is a bit of profound knowledge passed to modern people from ancient Lamas. The indepth explanation woluld take a lot of time. What we want to propose in this article is a short version of application of this technique in Hypnotherapy. We would warn you indeed to search more knowledge on this argument before to become fully operational. We are at your disposal for this goal.

The Western concept of resource

In the modern western concept of psychotherapy, we call "resources" ideas and concepts buried in the personality that can be recovered through various manner. Normally, for acceding to such resources, we ask help from the subconscious or the superconscious part of the mind.  The concept of "Terma" go even in a wider direction then the western term. 


One of the many possible Techniques

GOAL: Acceding to inner knowledge through experientials and visualization. For proper application, this exercise should be part of a wider curriculum.

THERAPEUTIC APPLICATION: When a client feel "blocked". When arises the need for a deeper analysis


  1. Rapport

  2. Introduction to the concept of inner search in the tibetan point of view

  3. Have you client sit down (or go in situ)

  4. Execute an hypnotic non verbal induction (in its ritualistic manner is more apt for our goal)

  5. Have your client imagine a place to explore and have him to find an opening for entering in a new space

  6. Have your client find a little container closed.

  7. Say to your client "inside is an object on wich is written something very useful for you: take it in your hand and read it"    A) If client reads, go to the next step     B) If client is unable to read have him have an intuition about what is written   C) Otherwise have him take the object in his hand without looking at it - make him close the fist

  8. Have the client putting an offer in the little container, closing it, and coming outside closing all the doors and opening

  9. Suggest amnesia excepted for the object

  10. Do the awakening procedure

This technique is many times more powerful with a direct access to the appropriate poweplaces for terma. After a direct visit the person can acced many times through visualisation. Under the tibetan point of view, going directly in situ permit to have the direct contact with the right and most powerful energies