The students

A school for people wanting to achieve the mastery in their field

Our Students are all persons who want to refine their professional skills.

We have Therapists, Ethno and Anthropological Researchers, many other University Professors, Scholars and students, as well as Psychologists and Physicians.

All these persons came to our Institute Network because we could offer them something they couldn't find elsewhere otherwise.

We always focus on offering updated and new elements, as well as define individual programs.

Some Testimonials

Several proofs of positive testimonials about our efficacy and practical way of teaching can be viewed on requests from our collection of Recommendation Letters which were gathered at the EC-, UCL/LLN, UWS, SXSS, SXC, etc ...

TOur Institute helps you to achieve results at a relevant level and with incredible speed...

Dr. Mario Cecinelli - Roma - Teacher in a Post-Universitary school of Psychotherapy


You will find elements useful for your professional development presented in a clear way...

Dr. Piercarlo Ricciotti - Rimini - Director of the "Centro Studi di Omeopatia"


Very useful...

Dr. Maria Richelmi - Colombia - Psychologist


Our main interest is not in theory: it is in the way we can get our students to get results. We focus on the how and why we can help our students in finding models that they can use.

Our approach is practical and the main focus is to give to occidental people a way to understand new concepts and integrate them in everyday activities.