What is Shambala?

Shambala is the name of a legendary tibetan realm. Shambala was a land of profound wisdom and knowledge where people had a wonderful living. Even if some people tried to connect Shambala to an existed place, what is important is that Shambala is also a term to define a path to get to a better and fuller life. Shambala can be in the life of every man.

Why we speak of Warriors?

Because we accept with courage the reality of the world. This is a metaphor, for helping us to understand an aptitude for creating a new way of living. Achieving this goal needs discipline and courage. 

The Western concept of psychological reversal 

How many times what we desire the most seems unreachable? Sometimes, may be, the right enemy is inside ourselves. Maybe we are lying to ourselves about the true nature of the problem. 

This problem is known to some western therapies.

Psychological Reversal is a term used in some new therapies to address a moment where we correct some false point of view of a patient, to get to a more effective therapy. The patient accept with courage his situation, at the same time deeply and profoundly accepting himself. 

This reflects the path of Shambala, where a person should be honest with himself, and recognise its difficulties and it limitations. In this way we can become more human. And when we are more human, we have an excellent point where to be and collect resources.

In this little article, we will present some ideas for reading a therapy with the Shambala point of view. 


Some ideas about Shambala and Therapy

GOALS: Give you some ways of understanding how some concepts can go together. We have a wide and very extensive curriculum, and these excerpts are here for helping you to understand our work.

THERAPEUTIC APPLICATION: Preparation for the therapy

All of the following points should be melted together in a therapy. The therapy itself should be followed in a ritualistic fashion. In this way we will better anchor the results.


1: use the shambala posture of power - possibly on a termas related powerplace (even with visualisation) -  this elements will increase the power of your thoughts, through neurofisiological links

2: make attention to your inspiration and expiration, using the equilibrating posture

3: Accept the actual situation and send an hearth and compassionate thought to the world (this embrace the concept of compassion)

4: Have the courage to accept the actual situation of your problem, and what will happen in the future in the worst cases, accepting yourself completely, at the same time accepting yourself (this embrace the concept of courage).

5: Accepting also the possibility that the therapy will not work, at the same time accepting himself completely (this embrace the concept of renoncing).

6: Follow a strict and exact ritual for the therapy (this embrace the Shambala concept of Discipline and help the emergence of knowledge or grace)

7: Give attention to the external world giving the possibility of a new future: discover the fundamental possibility of accepting the world as it is

What we will get?

After a very short seance conducted in the right way you'll become to understand that something is changing. Little problems can vanish in a one time seance.