Admission Requirements, Policy Terms and Conditions

Admission to the International University is based on traditional and non-traditional requirements or credits evaluation process.  Traditional admission requirements (grades, examination, etc.) often do not take into account the mature adult's education personal motivation and intellectual capacity for the successful completion of a degree program in alternative medicine.

The admissions process is therefore a personalized one. The major question asked of the learner requesting admission is whether he/she has the maturity and professional background to complete work in the chosen degree program.  This is assessed through the autobiographical statement written by the candidate, recommendations, transcripted credits transferred from other institutions, work experiences, training, licenses, seminars the candidate has completed and other such evidence of personal growth and development.

We accept people coming from serious NLP, Hypnosis and Yoga schools, beside links with University faculties in Anthropology, Psychology, Medicine and Social/Health Development Sciences or Asian- Studies , and we accept these requests upon receipt of the curriculum, including the possibility to grant them credits.

Our Policy, Terms & Conditions

We know that what you'll find here is impossible that you'll find elsewhere as far as the Himalayan region is concerned! Therefore, for the classroom courses, we give complete warranty for refund at the first break if you'll find that for any reason what you are learning doesn't completely fulfill your expectations.

Regarding the content and intinerary of your field-study and tours, each curriculum leads to the consensual assessment of what inputs are required fro our general pool of resources and a  final decision is reached together with the participants. For more details, kindly contact us on our Policy, Terms and Conditions.