Overview of the Didactical Methods

A meaningful Higher Education in New techniques

   We offers an organized curriculum for studies in Holistic and Tibetan Healing culture leading to recognized academic degrees. The programs are open to professionals and peolpe seeking a higher education in these matters.

    We naturally  recognize that the needs of professionals are different from those of adolescents and young adults - mature learners have a wealth of knowledge and skills which adolescents and young adults often lack.

     Further, we recognize that the career and family responsibilities of mature learners are often incompatible with the demands of years of on-campus, classroom attendance.  The learner earns credit through intensive courses on the field married with independent off-campus study evaluated during our intensive seminars.  We use also modern information modalities such as audio and video taped lectures, computer tutorials, WWW site information links, mentor-guided reading programs and supervised-held study.

The value of an Education on-the-field in Tibetan Culture