What is Karma?

Karma is an indian name used to indicate the direction of life of a person. Karma is a relative reality, and there are four ways or "powers" to change it: the first is called "of the object" it means you have to generate "bodichitta"  toward your enviroment; it is very similar to pardon th errors of the others. The second one is called "power of letting go" and it means you purify yourself in the moment you understand you did something wrong. The third one is called "power of remedy": it means you take action to change what you did wrong and the fourth one is called "power of the determination" : it means you put a direction in your life.


Using Western techniques for changing Karma

There are several western techniques that can be used in order to achieve the results of changing Karma. For example, we found useful a variation of the NLP and Time Line exercise of Reimprinting to get the first power. We found also useful use self-hypnosis in order to achieve something very similar to the power of determination. We have also studied the other two "powers". In our courses we have introduced several useful exercices toward this goal. We are constantly working for finding better models.


Our value is even recognized by European Community that several times financed our research projects