Our Goals

Our aims are to give you the possibility to aquire in the shortest possible time an cross-cultural therapeutic  knowledge in three main areas:

  • Tibetan and Oriental Medicine Shamanistic Healing
  • Tibetan Counseling and Psychology
  • Tibetan techniques applied to everyday life for your personal development

And in doing so,  we will blend them with everything you think useful



Because our Institut is both:

  1. A center of international research,
  2. We are the only ones who promote to tibetan doctors working in Nepal referall and concepts of western medicine. For this reason we are near the most reliable sources for tibetan medicine. We are an anthropological and counselling team working really in Nepal, organized at community level in synergy with traditional medicine for helping nepalese people and occidental people. We compare everyday the results we can get with our synergistic approach.



1 Work directly on the field

2 Use and understand oriental and western metaphors and we are able to translate between both of them

3 Try to direct our research for finding the best way for helping professional to get the most.


You can ask us with every possible question regarding tibetan way of thinking and practical results and we can answer you.


Our value is even recognized by European Community that several times financed our research projects