Introduction to holistic Hypnotherapy merged with Tibetan Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an efficient, exciting and enlightening tool for your personal and spiritual growth. It is one of the most efficient western methods for solving problems. We merge it with oriental techniques. In Hypnotherapy you can pinpoint and understand the source of the obstacles that prevent you from living your life fully. This method of opening to your true potential allows you to discover unexpected ways to experience life and to connect with your soul's purpose in every aspect of your life. We teach hypnotherapy as a tool to be connected with tibetan psychotherapy and modern Neurosciences

As the new millenium unfolds, hypnotherapy is transforming many aspects of the health professions and is truly revolutionizing the counseling professions. We are honored to have a significant role in this, in leading the way with powerful, innovative therapy methods and in using the insights and therapy modalities of ourselves and others to train many of the leaders in the field. Our Approach in Hypnotherapy brings West with East in a new system. With our Hypnotherapy, the part is seen in reference to the whole. Each issue is understood in relation to the whole person, including the body, mind, emotions and spirit. And the whole person is seen in relationship to the world in which they live. With holistic clearing, any problem is brought back into harmony with the whole, transcending the limitations of our current reality into the realm of the soul. This approach to hypnosis can provide the basis to you to look at yourself in an entirely new way and to make wonderful, lasting changes in your life as you connect more and more fully with your inner purpose. Holistic Hypnotherapy connects to Tibetan Psychotherapy and can enhance its effects.