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New Trans-Cultural Immersion Training Centers in Nice and in Kathmandu
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Our goal: organize an integrated curriculum proposing  to European and international students a tested approach to the maximum of knowledge achievable.

Level 1: Western structures

Level 2: from West to East

Level 3: achieving the mastery

The program is conceived in order to eliminate duplications between the same concepts in different traditions. Instead, each seminar develop the concepts of the others on a new higher level. We use a deep scientific anthropological and practical approach.

Registered as Professional Formation by the French State Department of Work. Representative in Italy and southern France of the National Guild Hypnotists and of the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programmers Connected to all the major societies of NLP - Connected to ANDROS (Association for the scientific research coworking with the Universities from Genoa and "La Sapienza" of Rome and recognized with Departmental decree)

Resume of the courses program

In our curriculum you'll always find new ideas and a synergy between all the matter teached

LEVEL 1 - explore new Year 2001 approaches in western techniques
Communication and the mind - NLP 3 
201 Some powerful techniques: Techniques for creating Instant Rapport (good relationships) based on a new approach to the Non Verbal Communication Fast Phobia Techniques   Effective Communication Patterns including subliminal communication Metaprograms - Anchoring Persuasion Patterns (includes Sleight of Mouth) Achieving  Objectives - Values criteria Chains of beliefs sinestesia - Training Patterns Drop-Through technique Calculus and Quantum Linguistics The Meta-mirror and relations Instantaneous Techniques against allergies Other Applications.NLP 3
202 Explore and unleash the power of the subconscious: paradigms for psychosomatic disorders creative self-hypnosis Instant Regression therapy and Time Line 2: changing the reaction to the past Ericksonian Hypnosis and  Ericksonian linguistic patterns applied to the everyday communication and to complex situations: sale, therapy, negotiation
Enneagram and Non Verbal Communication
203 Our Institute has created a new way of using the enneagram, completing the old approac and based on a research on the original Sufi ideas on Arab manuscripts validated by an experimental research -  explore the different psychological types useful for therapy, education, business etc. - How to modify our innner representations and our emotional states   The structure of healing model of Enneagram  - New Enneagram and metaprograms The Ennea-method and strategies of motivation, of acquisition, of decision, of love
204 We specialise in instant techniques for achieving powerful instantaneous results: the course includes REI, Non Verbal Hypnosis, hypno-kinesiology 2,  techniques based on neurofisiological patterns -  techniques,  tactics and strategies amplifying.

After this level  you can get several certification options, including "PRACTITIONER and MASTER in NLP", NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapist etc...

LEVEL TWO - Oriental Psychotherapeutic and self-development techniques not yet completely diffused in the West
New level of Hypnotherapy
301 For people searching more knowledge: The techniques used in the past for solving problems includes the Western side of Shamanism Dream Mastery Tantra and Tao Yoga Hypnotherapy   Kinestetical submodalities, Yoga and oriental techniques for changing emotional states  - secrets for long term change
Hypnotism and Misticism of India for personal and psychotherapeutic purposes
302 Introduction to the siddhi: the power of oriental practice.
In situ training on Tibetan Techniques
303 Visit Nepal , India and/or Tibet learning directly from selected Tibetan and Nepalese practicioners the ancient Healing and Divination techniques. Courses are proposed in an Integrated Curriculum, directly linking with daily social/health development work activities and include Introduction to the psychosomatic and Materia Medica of Tibetan Medicine Tibetan Naturopathy Tibetan Psychotherapy - Social Development work - Acupuncture Detoxification - Arts Therapy - Philosophy (ref- files ISI-CNV/CAIRN programmes 2000)
Personal Presence and power for Effective Communication in personal Relationship and organizations
304 New techniques for going beyond the old paradigm of emotional intelligence for really unleashing creativity, leadership and communication. Based on the Western and oriental traditions of level 2. Practical Applications: Organization, Sale, manners, self-control, personal Relations 

Level 2 is aimed in bringing the most of oriental techniques - various kind of initiations possible

LEVEL THREE - The mastery level Path
The  Magic of the practical structure for real results
301 This approach unleashes the real power of ancient rituals and techniques for modern psychotherapeutic work and self-development purposes. This module includes the study of the structure of these techniques.
Secret western techniques of self development and leadership
302 For centuries closed school have transmitted useful knowledge.
The Developed Self
303 Techniques for achieving a developed self. This Seminar concludes the integrated path through Western and Oriental techniques. It includes also how to help others in achieving this goal.
New level of knowledge
304 New paradigms not included in the precedent seminars : includes a study on psychic and demontrational techniques.

Master Trainer Certification


LEVEL FOUR (OPTIONAL) Includes all requirements for the formal European Certification 
Psychotherapeutic and Clinical Practices
Insights and follow up
Call for more information on this level  

Master Trainer Certification





We are involved in depth in all and of the aspects we teach: we have connections with most esotheric societies, both in Europe and in Orient, and we try each time to collect what is most powerful in the world


We applie a whole new methodology that reduces the classical times of learning and allows you to obtain the best results. We offer the best quality/price  for courses of this kind.


All the techniques we teach are in continuous evolution; we give you the ultimate techniques and our programs are constantly updated. What you will learn in the courses goes far beyond what you as could find in any commercial book (that we however warmly advice to read).

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