Acupuncture Detoxification and Transcultural Counselling

Tibetan Psychotherapy and Counselling

An unique method...

Our Training programme in integrated Acupuncture Detoxification and Transcultural Counselling is the result of 12 years experience and daily intervention based at the St- Xaviers Social Services (Drug Abuse Treatment Center) in Kathmandu / Nepal, which protocole has been tested and appreciated at the level of both local Nepalese/Tibetans youth as well as a selected batch of European drug-users. In short, the psychotherapeutic process relies on the effect on self-representation (social deviance label) catharsis by using selected yoga exercises, with Dharma philosophy, meditation and symbolic archetypes of Indo-European assents, being integrated to the detoxification and other rehabilitation skills.

We have different kind of academic links in the following countries:

  • Italy (University of Genova)

  • Belgium

  • UK

In France our courses are certified as "Formation Professionnelle" and in Italy we give to the practitioner the possibility to work legally in the field, which means also the possibility to work in many other EU countries

Practice on the field

Our courses in Nepal are formally recognized by the St- Xaviers Campus, as well as both the Tibetan Dharma hierarchy , INGOs, NGOs and other local authorities.

Merging more systems for more results

We offer several possibilities for formal certification of practicioners through some of the main organizations working in Hypnotheraputic field.