Our Approach to Integrated Training

Learn the most advanced western and oriental skills together

Our Campus Units are based in Europe and Asia (Nepal). These units work together and sinergically. In Europe, we focus on a updated synthesis to gather the most advanced modern psychotherapy techniques and methodologies existing. In Asia (Nepal) we work from a tested network focusing on the integrated approach of experientials and concepts in the Himalayan Healing Traditions. After the related preliminary stages, participants will meet and share their knowledge and resources. In this way all participants share the best of both the Western and Eastern worlds, which are dynamically linked together in a joint-curriculum.

Our Approach and the Training

Our interest is not in theory: it is in the way we can get results. We focus on the how and why we create practices and models immediately working, and that everyone trained can use.

Our approach is practical and the main focus is to give to occidental people a way to understand such concepts and integrate them in everyday activities.


We think that is very important to make distinctions between:

  • The techniques really applied ,
  • The structure that make these techniques very fonctional ,
  • The metaphors, i.e. the way of teaching the first two ideas.


These levels correspond in our training to a divided process in " three + one " levels:

Level 1: how to simple techniques, immediately working

Level 2: more on how to and why -  learning the structure

Level 3: belief system and how to get more deeply in the system ,

Level 4: research ,


We try to discover under the cover of mystery what really works and how to reach it in the shortest possible time.


Why this concept is unique

We are doing the opposite that most Tibetans or Westerners do. While a lot of Tibetan doctors teach to Western people an introduction to Tibetan medicine, and many Tibetan Lamas teach to Western people their Dharma, we activelly work in the field of social/health services in Nepal, bringing together Western medicine and organizational social systems with local Tibetan resources. In this way we gather different opinions, and are able to structure a different and more integrated approach. We have learned also where the traditional Tibetan medicine is strong, and where it is weak. What we want to offer you is to share with us this cumulated experience and knowledge, merging it with unique opportunities in situ to meet genuine spiritual lineages and learn modern therapeutic elements. We seek to create one of the most powerful healing framework, based on East and West common Shamanic Roots and Quest Traditions.

Do not hesitate to ask us any possible question regarding Tibetan ways of thinking, or practical results : we can answer you!


Our value is even recognized by the European Community which several times financed our research and development projects