It will not be possible at this stage to list here all our references because we are constantly working on new accreditations. We work in contact witn selected academic institutions in S-Asia, UK, Belgium and Italy.

All courses we offer can indeed be agreed in Europe as a  Professional Formation.

In addition, we propose different possibility of certifications for people doing the complete cursus, including NLP certifications (Practitioner, Master, Trainer and Master Trainer), Hypnosis certifications, and many others, due to the specificity of our courses.

Some Accreditation through Europe, we may quote are for example:

In Italy, formal agreement for people wanting to work professionally

In France, formal agreement to become recognized as a psychotherapist.


All courses are agreed with the representatives of the local traditions taught. In fact, you'll have a direct contact with selected local traditional representatives.



Various recognization by many american organizations delivering certifications to people already holder of a certificate of our school.

Possibility of local certification in NLP and Hypnosis.


Rest of the World and General Information

Please, call the school for more informations.    We remember that our formation is an international formation on new techniques. Our degree programs are not designed to meet any particular local, state, or national licensing or credentialing laws, nor to meet any requirements established by independent professional associations.  We have many accreditation due to the quality of our training, but if licensing is the objective of a degree program, learners are advised to investigate the requirements of their particular states, school districts, professional associations and agencies, so their program may be designed accordingly. We can assist you in inquirying if this is necessary. email