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Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

Theron Q. Dumont

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Preliminary Greeting

I take pleasure in presenting to many American students who will acquire possession of copies of this book, these practical lessons on the art and science of Personal Magnetism. These chapters contain the gist of the lessons taught be me, in classes, and to individuals, in my courses of personal instruction conducted by me, here in Paris, for the past eighteen years.

In my personal class work, of course, I adapt the instruction to the special requirements of my individual students, which I cannot do in the case of general lessons in printed form. But, notwithstanding this, I feel that I have condensed into these pages the essence of my methods, and principles of practice, so that any student of average intelligence may readily grasp, assimilate, and apply the same with success, at least, I feel that if the student does not accomplish this, it will be his or her own fault, not that of myself.

In introducing this book, I with to express my obligations to Mr. L. N. D., an American student of mine, here in Paris, who has kindly transformed my rather stilted “guidebook English” into the plain, simple form desirable for a book designed for the general public. I feel particularly indebted to him for supplying the idiomatic, American “man on the street” terms, thus reproducing the conversational style which I use in all my lessons in French, but which my “book English” rendered impossible in this case without the kindly assistance of this worthy gentleman. With hand on heart, I send to my new American audience the sincere regards, and most earnest wishes for success, of

Their solicitous teacher,

Theron Q. Dumont — Paris, France, August 26, 1913

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Personal Magnetism

Chapter II - Mental and Physical Poles

Chapter III - The Mental Phase

Chapter IV - The Physical Phase

Chapter V - Physical Magnetism

Chapter VI - Generating Nerve-Force

Chapter VII - Distributing Nerve-Force

Chapter VIII - Nerve-Force Exercises

Chapter IX - Projecting Nerve-Force

Chapter X - Mental Radiation

Chapter XI - Mental Attitudes

Chapter XII - The Mental Atmosphere

Chapter XIII - Magnetic Currents

Chapter XIV - The Direct Flash

Chapter XV - Exercises in the Direct Flash

Chapter XVI - The Positive Aura

Chapter XVII - The Direct Command

Chapter XVIII - The Magnetic Duel

Chapter XIX - Corporeal Magnetism

Chapter XX - Magnetic Self-Defense

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