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Asia- Link  Curriculum  Proposal 
(Overview, Aims, Methodology, Partners, Resources)



"Programme 2001-02"


Enter  The  Quest : Methodology
Tibetan  Psychotherapy :  Termas  Lineage
Advanced  Workshops : Experts  & Facilitators
Third  Triptyc : Tibetan Medicine & Himalayan Shamanism

( III ) 
Tibetan Medicine & Termas Psychotherapy


Seminars, teaching, training and field- research options 
organized by ISI-CNV / CAIRN in Nepal 

Courses, Seminars and Field-studies Option :

  Option 1 :   Tibetan Philosophy, Healing & Divination,
Herbal Medicine, Psychology and Psychotherapy 

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Option 1 : Tibetan  Medecine and Psychotherapy 


Buddhism Tantra, cosmology, materia medica and symbolism are deeply related
to Tibetan Medicine. There is no distinction between mental and physical disorders,
as in Tibetan Medicine philosophy all such phenomena are manifested at a single level,
that being through the psychic centers and channels (ie: jinas and nadis). Although the
Tibetan medicine system is above all a functional and physiopathological approach, 
based upon the concepts of humors and five energies, and treatments grounded 
upon the efficacy of Himalayan herbal remedies, the process of a professional
introduction to-, and later training in-, Integrated Tibetan Medicine Psychology 
and Psychotherapy has now become more feasible for Westerners, if
organized in a rather careful and stepwise manner .

In principles, Tibetan Medicine Training could be undertaken  in three stages :

- stage 1- introduction teachings and seminarsto the elementary principles of both
Tibetan Dharma philosophy, psychology and medicine, including couses in Tibetan 
and/or Nepalese languages being part of the pre-requisite for the later stages.

-stage 2- personalized instructions in situ with a certified Tibetan Amchi (MD) with
supervision of a selected Tibetan Lama or Rimpoche. This includes insights upon 
diagnosis, therapy, spiritual healing resources, herbal remedies and materia medica, 
as well as the link to a personally chosen Tibetan Lineage in order to gather 
spiritual practices and experientials, under appropriate guidance.

- stage  3- clinical practices under supervision, whether based in Kathmandu (ie: 
with Amchi Kunzang, Amchi Kunsang Dorje and Amchi Tashi Paldaon at Kunphen, 
and/or at the Kailash Dharamsala Medical Branch in Chabihi Boddhanath, and/or 
with Amchi Jampa Medical Clinic, or the new Shechen Clinic) and/or with the official
medical training resources in Dharamsala in India, or possible links with Trogawa 
Rimpoche or ITTM Health Centers in Sikkim..

Regarding Tibetan Psychology and Psychotherapy Training, per se, specific resources 
linked to established and reputed Therapy Teachers within the Tibetan Vajrayana 
have been also founded and are integrated in our curriculum proposal..

Keltic Trilogy /CAIRN (Nepal) Field-studies Tours & Seminars in Tibetan Philosophy, Himalayan Healing and Divination, Herbal Medicine,  Psychology and Psychotherapy, 
include teachings and experientials based upon the Termas tradition. It is directly
linked with specialized social/health services based in Kathmandu valley.

Our Training programmes are organized by CAIRN (Nepal) in close collaboration 
within ISI-CNV Institute Certified Training (ISI-CNV Nice /France) framework.

amchi3.gif - 27.51 K
Amchi Kunsang / Kunphen Tibetan clinic



Day 01 - 02 : Fly from Europe or USA to KTM (Nepal) / Transfert KTM airport (TIA) to your Bouddhanath Guesthouse: HOTEL PADMA (direct view on Stupa) 
Day 03: (morning) Introduction talk at the Bouddhanath Stupa on the local Tibetan monasteries and Kathmandu Valley powerplaces, with the program facilitators. (afternoon) A downtown tour for  identification of major banks, immigration, visas, airlines offices and other sites of interest. 
Day 04: (morning) First meeting with Ayurvedic and Shamanistic healers. Presentation of the  Boddhanath PHC Clinic (Dr. Tsering / MBBS),  Amchi Jampa Tibetan Clinic, Kunphen Tibetan Clinic and local Tibetan Medicines factory. (afternoon) Introduction to Dr. R. T. Gartoulla PHC Training activities in the Tribhuvan University / Institute of Medicine (TU/IOM). 
Day 05: Early morning drive\out of the valley to Pharping Caves and Dashinkhali, introduction to the legend of Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava), visit to selected Pharping Gompas (monasteries) and interview with a high lama, introduction talk on the relations between Tibetan Buddhism and Traditional Medicines (all day), 
Day 06: Breakfast in Thamel / Kathmandu, visit to Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center in Chettrapatti. Discussions with Amchi Kunsang Dorje, Amchi Kunsang, Amchi Kelsang, Gynendra Shrestha, or Karma Dolma, on the Kunphen clinic and factory activies. 
Day 07: Morning drive around Kathmandu valley historical places: Swayambunath Stupa and the surrounding monasteries, amongst which the Monkey Temples and the Bon-Po Gompa. (afternoon) The heart of ancient Kathmandu, the old Royal Palace, Kumari Chowk, Patan and Durbar Square.  Visit Thangka painters and handicraft artists. 

jp3.gif - 24.67 K
 Professor R. Steichen (UCL/PSP/CLAP)
with  Amchi Jampa   (Bouddha Tibetan Clinic)
Tibetan Medecine Pills Production


Day 08: (morning)Tibetan Healing Paradigm / (afternoon) Shamanistic Healing Practices. 
Day 09: (morning) History of Tibetan Medicine / (afternoon) Tibetan Materia Medica documents. 
Day 10:(morning) Concepts rLung, Tripa ,Bad-Kan / (afternoon) Ayurvedic Medicines 
Day 11:(morning) Diagnosis methods in Tibetan Medicine / (afternoon) Medicinal Herbs 
Day 12:(morning) Urine analysis / Pulse reading / Causes of chronic diseases / (afternoon free) 
Day 13:(morning) Comparative efficacy Tibetan system vs. Allopathic conference / Workshop 
Day 14:Day Free / Excursion to Bhaktapur, Namo Boddha or Vajra Yogini (Sanghu) 

jp4.gif - 22.67 K

Professor R. Steichen (UCL/PSP/CLAP) with 
Amchi Jampa (Bouddha Tibetan Clinic)
on Tibetan Materia Medica


Day 15: Excursion out of the Valley for Medicinal Herbs (all day), 
Day 16: Diagnosis methods in Tibetan Medicine / Moxibustion and Acupuncture , 
Day 17: Urine analysis / Pulse reading / Causes of chronic diseases / afternoon free, 
Day 18: Conference on the comparative efficacy Tibetan , Ayurvedic and Allopathic systems, 
Day 19: Conclusion of Tour / Presentation of Medicinal  Samples / afternoon free , 
Day 20: Workshop / afternoon free
Day 21: Transfert to Airport , Fly back to Europe or USA, 

Amchi Tenzin Wangpo with UCL/ARAC
Seminar participant during a 
Tibetan Medicine Pulse 
Diagnosis session, 
Boddhanath 1999

Courses, Seminars and Field-studies Option :

  Option 1 :   Tibetan Philosophy, Healing & Divination,
Herbal Medicine, Psychology and Psychotherapy 

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